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The historical context of this image is far more eloquant in the words of Dominic Selwood:
"On Friday 13 of October 1307 — King Philip’s men kicked in the doors of the Templars’ commanderies all over France, and arrested all but a handful who evaded capture. (It is still popularly believed that these arrests are why Friday the 13th is unlucky.) Philip charged the Templars with offences designed to scandalise and horrify the public: denying Christ, spitting on the crucifix, idol worship, blasphemy, and obscenity. He struggled to believe it himself, he said, but his priority was to protect the fabric of Christendom. It was:
A bitter thing, a lamentable thing, a thing which is horrible to contemplate, terrible to hear of, a detestable crime, an execrable evil, an abominable work, a detestable disgrace, a thing almost inhuman, an offence to the divine majesty, a universal scandal. (Philip IV, arrest orders)
Naturally, Philip had invented most of the charges, along with his phony remorse, as he needed to get people heated up in order to drown out the papacy’s inevitable outrage at such a blatant and unprovoked attack on the Church."

The original will have the watermark removed and is an a3 giclee print with quality ink and paper. It will be signed and numbered from a limited edition.

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